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The load that is placed on your deck is expressed in pounds per square foot (psf) and the total load or more appropriately, the design load, is comprised of the dead load and the live load. Dead load is basically the load created by the weight of the deck itself. This is usually about 10 psf. Live load is created by all the extras.

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Sep 12, 2017 . An average 10'x10′ deck, built with pressure-treated southern yellow pine (SYP), weighs approximately 950lbs. A 10'x10′ deck is 100 square feet, 950lbs divided by 100 square feet gives us a weight of 9.5lbs per square foot. With that in mind, a 150 square foot deck would weigh roughly 1,425lbs.

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Weight. Ipe wood decking has specific gravity of 0.85 to 1.08. Air dried density is 66 to 75 lbs. per cubic ft. A 3/4" thick finish material weights approx. 4.5 lbs. per sq ft.

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Jul 24, 2017 . Snow load will affect a deck's weight load in a big way. Where I live and work, in the Minneapolis area, we need to build decks to support 50 lbs. per square foot. To support 50 lbs., first consider that 40 lbs. is what we consider “dead load.” Then the remaining 10 lbs. is considered “live load.” That's the.

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Colour: Grades: Janka Rating: Natural Durability: Density (Dry): Weight per m²: Length: Dimensions: Product Code: Corymbia Maculata Sometimes Corymbia Citriodora Sometimes Corymbia Henryi Warms Standard & Better 11kN. Class 1 950kg/m³ 20.42kg. Random Lengths of 1.5m~5.7m 64x19mm 86x19mm 130x19mm

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Apr 19, 2008 . We supply suitable size of decking with optional feature of dimpling, shear connectors and ribs, as per customer's specifications / drawings, for easy erection and also to avoid any wastage / rework at site. BENEFITS OF PENNAR METAL DECKING. • Light weight and doesn't require any support, which.

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7 foot to 12 foot Optimal Span Range. No Acustadek Option. Least steel weight per square foot floor deck. Meets SDI 2x12 inch standard profile requirements. Reduced composite slab depth compared to. 3WxH-36 and NH-32. Composite deck. 2 inch nominal depth, 36 inch coverage. 9 foot to 13 foot Optimal Span.

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Total length of Bridge including approaches from abutment to abutment, plus the distance to the Toll Plaza, is 9,150 ft (2,788 m). Length of suspension span including . 154,093 tons (139,790,700 kg). This is a total reduction in weight of the deck of 12,300 tons (11,158,400 kg), or 1.37 tons (1133 kg) per lineal foot of deck.

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Weight: 6.4 oz. Module Weight: 2.88 lbs. / 46.08 oz. / 1.306 kg. / 1306 grams. Per Square Foot: 1.44 lbs. / 23.04 oz. / 0.653 kg. / 653 grams. Per Square Meter: 15.50 lbs. / 7.03 kg. Material: High-impact polypropylene co-polymer. UV Inhibitors added. Fire Rating: UL 94HB (Underwriters Laboratory Yellow Card Number).

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Sep 7, 2017 . Product Specifications. Hazard Rating: CCA H3. Dimensions: 114 x 38mm 152 x 50mm. Lengths: 5.7m 5.7m. Weight per Length: 17kg. Weight per Meter: 2.98kg.

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Loads shown in the tables below are the allowable uniform loads in pounds per square foot (kilopascals). •. For spans of 4 ft 6 in. (1.37 m) and over, loads that are in brackets indicate that the allowable total load shown is limited to the live load, producing a deflection equal to the span/240 plus 10 psf (0.5 kPa). For spans of.

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18. 16. Thickness .0295 .0358 .0474 .0598 .0295 .0358 .0474 .0295 .0358 .0474 .0598 .0358 .0418 .0474 .0598. Weight, psf. 1.6. 1.9. 2.6. 3.3. 1.6. 2.0. 2.6. 2.0. 2.4. 3.2. 4.1. 2.8. 3.3 .. Allowable interior reaction per foot of deck width with 4” bearing for ASD and the factored nominal reaction for LRFD. 5. Allowable interior.

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Product. Dimensions (mm x mm). Weight per LM (kg/LM). Standard Length* (m). Board Weight (kg). Mini Board (solid). 68 x 17. 1.3. 4.8. 6.4. Deck Board (solid). 88 x 23. 2.3. 5.4. 12.6. Wide Deck Board (solid). 137 x 23. 3.6. 5.4. 19.6. Marina Board (solid). 137 x 32. 5.1. 4.2. 21.2. Super Marina (solid). 137 x 35. 5.5. 3.6. 19.8.

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Add a weight on top and allow the boards . how much does Seven trust decking weight per square foot how much does Seven trust decking weight per square foot. . How Does SevenTrust Decking Compare to Pressure Treated Decking? . Wood-Plastic Composite Deck Boards and . Lumber - Weights - Engineering ToolBox.

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Page 1 of 4. Southgate Timber – Calculation guide – January 2015. Contents. 1. Ft to mtrs. 8. M3 to ft3. 2. Mtrs to ft. 9. Ft3 to metre run. 3. M2. 10. Weight kgs. 4. M2 to mtr . Square metres (m2) decking or cladding . Price (£) per cubic foot (ft3) / 144 x thickness (inches) x width (inches) x 3.2808 = Price (£) per metre run (mtr).

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Mar 6, 2018 . At last, a lightweight hollow composite deck board with the quality our customers have come to expect. . £20 per board (£38 per square meter) . TekTimber Essential composite decking delivers the benefits of our advanced composite decking material in a more affordable, lighter weight package that's.

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