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China bans foreign waste - but what will happen to the world's .

Oct 29, 2017 . This applies equally to other countries including the EU27, where 87% of the recycled plastic collected was exported directly, or indirectly (via Hong Kong), to China. Japan and the US also rely on China to buy their recycled plastic. Last year, the US exported 1.42m tons of scrap plastics, worth an estimated.

Recycling in Hong Kong - YouTube

Sep 27, 2016 . Good separation of recyclable plastic is required to enable efficient hand sorting of plastic. Notice the amount of diapers disposed of in the recycling stream!

HK Recycles - Recyclable Collection Service

Data speaks louder than words. We provide you with comprehensive reports and recycling statistics. Measuring your effort to build a more sustainable future for Hong Kong. find out more.

Plastics Pile Up as China Refuses to Take the West's Recycling .

Jan 11, 2018 . At least one waste disposal site in London is already seeing a buildup of plastic recyclables and has had to pay to have some of it removed. Similar backups have been reported in Canada, Ireland, Germany and several other European nations, while tons of rubbish is piling up in port cities like Hong Kong.

Recycling is not a problem Hong Kong can dump on China now .

Dec 21, 2017 . (22 December 2017)Edwin Lau says recent government efforts to reduce plastic waste do not go far enough. With the mainland's ban on many types of recyclables going into effect, Hong Kong needs to think about disposing of them without making more waste. The problem of Hong Kong's mounting waste.

What can be recycled and Collection Points | Waste Reduction .

Feb 22, 2018 . 環境保護署 Environmental Protection Department, 香港品牌 Brand Hong Kong . Community Green Stations. *Remove plastic coated pages, plastic tape and other non-paper materials, and keep the waste paper dry. Metals . *Remove the plastic caps, labels and rinse the bottles before recycling.

Private sector has failed Hong Kong on plastic bottle recycling .

Dec 14, 2017 . The private sector plays only a negligible role in the recycling of plastic bottles in Hong Kong while government-backed bodies account for up to 96 per cent, a study by a local green group has found. The Green Earth looked at where the city's polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles came from in 2015, and.

Plastic Catch - Ocean Recovery Alliance

The refund will vary per country, but in the case of Hong Kong, the amount will be HK$5/kg (US$.65). The plastic which can be recycled will then be sorted by the volunteers, and the remaining waste will be put in the municipal waste collection system. Funds for Plastic Catch will be generated from large scale collection of.

GovHK: Waste Reduction & Recycling

This feature article provided by the Hong Kong Government is about why recycling is important, what the Government is doing to encourage it, how you can recycle . about recycling, and to encourage public participation in waste recovery by providing collection points for low-valued recyclables, including waste plastics,.

How to Recycle in Hong Kong: Hassle-Free Tips for Reducing Waste

Oct 27, 2017 . Reduce, reuse, recycle. How many times have you been to the beach and had to sweep away old plastic bottles and bits of fishing net to make room for your towel, or been swimming in the sea only to have a heart attack as a bag wraps around your ankle? It's a question that's asked time and time again,.

Community Recycling Network | Waste Reduction Website

Apr 11, 2018 . The Network helps everyone in Hong Kong to recycle waste plastic bottles, glass bottles and small waste electrical and electronic equipment. Participants can drop these low-valued recyclables off at local collection outlets. Apart from collecting recyclables, the Network also supports face-to-face promotion.

LCQ6: Recycling of waste paper and waste plastics - GovHK

Oct 25, 2017 . The move will have certain impact on recyclers of waste paper and waste plastics in Hong Kong. Taking a multi-pronged approach, the Government will help the recycling industry adapt to the latest Mainland policies, thereby turning the new situation into opportunity. In her Policy Address this year, the.

Plastic Resources Recycling Centre | Waste Reduction Website

Dec 18, 2017 . Plastic Resources Recycling Centre (PRRC) Project Concluded Successfully at the end of 2016. The PRRC, located at the EcoPark in Tuen Mun, was commenced in 2010 and had been operated and managed by a non-governmental organization (NGO), Yan Oi Tong (YOT), under the funding support of.

Thousands of tons of UK plastic dumped across world - Sky News

But the reality is that once it leaves our shores, no one really checks whether it is recycled. The documentary lays this truth bare, uncovering shipments of plastic wrapped in Chelmsford Council recycling bags sitting on a yard in Hong Kong, destined for landfill. Tony Wong, the Chinese plastics trader who had imported the.

Plastic bottle deposit scheme considered for Hong Kong to boost .

Dec 23, 2017 . Fee may be added to drinks and personal care products that can be redeemed when returning plastic bottles for recycling, environment official says.

Reducing Plastic Waste in Hong Kong - Civic Exchange

and plastic waste in Hong Kong. This will help to develop targeted policy recommendations which are more likely to reduce consumption of bottled water or encourage recycling behaviour. The following pages present a condensed summary of key findings from Civic Exchange's report,. Reducing Plasfic Waste in Hong.

Recycling in Hong Kong - Plastic Free Seas

The below information is not meant to be a definitive report on the process of recycling in Hong Kong. It is a summation of Plastic Free Seas' investigations over the last few years to understand Hong Kong's separation and recycling systems, with a goal to dispel some myths and encourage best practice within the recycling.

Hong Kong drowning in waste as China rubbish ban takes toll

Jan 30, 2018 . The Hong Kong government acknowledges its inability to cope with the problem, saying that it lacks the land to develop an effective recycling industry. . Huge mountains of old newspapers, cardboard and office scrap have piled up on Hong Kong's docks over the past few months while plastic waste has.

Hong Kong's Recycling Needs: Plastics Technology

Mar 21, 2016 . Prior to the Taipei Plas factory tour that kicks off on March 22 in Taiwan, I took a trip to Hong Kong. Of course, I can't take off my plastics packaging/recycling editor hat despite being on vacation. So I observed how even though Hong Kong has a population of about 7 million, it's relatively clean to other cities.

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