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Steel is one of the most durable fencing types. It easily withstands abuse, but it may be susceptible to rust in certain environments. Chain link is one of the most affordable fencing types.

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1. Privacy Fencing. One of the most common reasons to fence a backyard is to create privacy. A tall solid fence like this one will separate your outdoor spaces from your neighbors. Typically a privacy fence cannot extend past six feet in height, check your local building codes to be sure.landscapingnetwork/fencing/backyard.html',null,this,'bingAlgo',2,'deepLink_1')">Front Yard Fencinglandscapingnetwork/fencing/backyard.html',null,this,'bingAlgo',2,'deepLink_2')">Vinyl Fencinglandscapingnetwork/fencing/backyard.html',null,this,'bingAlgo',2,'deepLink_3')">Fencing Costlandscapingnetwork/fencing/backyard.html',null,this,'bingAlgo',2,'deepLink_4')">Backyard IdeasCheap Backyard Fence Styles | Home Guides | SF Gate

Fences provide privacy, help keep pets contained, and create visual interest in your yard. However, purchasing fencing from a home improvement store easily can be an expensive proposition. If you need a cheap backyard fence, it is best to construct your own. There are several fence styles that are

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FENCES FOR DOGS OVERVIEW and even bats can have contact with your furry friend when he’s out in that backyard I found this article when googling "affordable

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Wood panel privacy fences are among the most affordable privacy fence options, Evan. "Inexpensive Fencing Ideas" accessed How to Cover an Ugly Backyard Fence;

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Several factors can influence your decision about what's the best fence for your yard. install fences for the patio in order to access the backyard. Any

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Wood: This is the most expensive option in the list costing a whopping $28/foot, which works out to a total expense of no less than $3200. Vinyl: The second most expensive fencing, vinyl will set you back by $24/feet and will lead to a total project cost of about $1700.

4 Tips for Choosing the Best Fence for Your Yard | Angie's

Several factors can influence your decision about what's the best fence for owner of Affordable Fence in the patio in order to access the backyard. Any

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Safety fence: To create a dog run, enclose a pool area, or deter wildlife from trespassing on your property—without changing the view—the most durable option is a wire fence, such as chain link. At their most economical, these consist of galvanized metal mesh, but adding a black or green vinyl coating helps to make the fence almost disappear from view.

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Most old 6' fences can still be cut down into 4 or 5 foot lengths of good salvageable wood. Most fence posts only rot out at the bottom where they make ground contact or the tops where they are exposed to rain, you can still get about 5' of salvageable wood out of a tall fence posts.

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The wood used for the horizontal fence on the left is called "ipe". It's pretty much the perfect wood for outdoor use and will last about 50 years. As you can imagine, it's not cheap; at about 5-6 times more expensive than simple pressure treated decking boards.

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